Gallery: The ANZACs & Albany
ANZAC submarine HMAS AE2
P2000.232 Wounded Soldier riding Donkey - enhanced
Anzac Memorial Drive P90.106
P1990.169 Anzacs Landing at Anzac Cove
ANZACS marching C
Anzacs medics outside tent. P88.278
ANZACS Benalla at the Deepwater Jetty P2010.86
ANZACS Awina at the Deepwater Jetty - 2
ANZACS Blackboy Hill, Albany Boys P97.702
P2004 168 HMAS Anzac
ANZACS marching A
ANZAC gallipoli landing P20.69
P2002.566 Horse Drawn First Aid Waggon
ANZACS marching (Victoria) D P2010.83
ANZACS marching B
ANZACS Loading Horse by Sling P2010.87
ANZAC Marine Drive WW 1 P09 corrected P2010.83
P2000.243 Anzac Cove
P1989.329 Anzac Day Parade 19331
P1997.714 Base - Cape Helles - Dardenelles
P1997.715 Captured Turkish Artillery Piece
P1997.713 Australian Field Battery at Dardenelles
P2003.505 Great White Fleet - US Navy march
P1997.720 Artillery about to Bombard Chanak
Anzacs. Blackboy Hill camp. P88.321
P1997.721 Salt Lake & Suvla - Galipolli
ANZACS Loading Horses via a Ramp P2010.88
P1997.710 Howitzer Battery at Dardenelles
ANZACS Blackboy hillP10.73
P1997.718 Aust Underground Kitchen
AF P1988.267 Anzacs mil E'hanced
AnzacsWalking with Angels. P88.329
AG P1988.330 Anzacs mil E'hanced
AE P1988.266 Anzacs mil E'hanced
P1988.260 George V mil
P1989.328 Anzac Day Parade c1939
AY P1997.690 Anzac Pde York st. 1933 str
P1989.328 Anzac Day Parade
P1990.168 Anzacs Landing at Anzac Covel
ANZAC 1st Convoy in KGS - 31 Oct 1914 P90.176
ANZAC. Argyllshire at the Deepwater Jetty
ANZAC 1st AIF Convoy in KGS P90.175
Anzac Beach
ANZAC AIF 2nd AIF Convoy P90.177
P1990.166 3 Soldiers & Donkey at Dardenelles
ANZAC - ships cropped
P1990.163 Lord Birdwood of Anzac
P1989.347 Anzac Day
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