Albany’s A.N.Z.A.C. Convoys

Included are descriptions of the strategic planning of the convoys; ship acquisitions and fitting out; life on board the ships; descriptions of both convoys’ voyages to Egypt; the New Zealand commitment and other associated topics. 

It also describes Albany’s significant wartime troop and hospital ship replenishment role, particularly to the first two convoys which were the two largest transport contingents to depart from Australasia and the only to depart from Albany.

Published by Digger Press

Roger Cunnington

Roger Cunnington is the Albany Historical Society’s Maritime Research Officer, and was born and educated in Bristol, UK completing his secondary education at the H.M.S. Conway Merchant Navy Cadet School, Anglesey, North Wales. He served his apprenticeship and three years as a junior officer with Alfred Holt & Co of Liverpool (The Blue Funnel Line), trading between the United Kingdom, the Far East and Australia.

He migrated to Australia and worked on the coastal steel product and bulk ore carriers of the Broken Hill Pty Coy Ltd. During this time he completed three months Naval Reserve training aboard H.M.A.S. Sydney III, carrying Australian soldiers and equipment to Viet Nam. After passing the examination for his Master’s Certificate he studied for a BSc Degree in Nautical Studies at Plymouth Polytechnic, U.K. 

Returning to Australia he worked for the Australian National Line in Melbourne, scheduling coastal Roll-on Roll-off vessels and bulk cargo ships. He also has experience in marketing, personnel and market research positions. Now retired in Albany, he spends his time researching local maritime and maritime archaeological topics, cycling, swimming and sailing on King George Sound. 

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