The Amity: The Story of a Brig

The Story of a Brig and Her Pivotal Role in Australian Colonisation.

The earliest history of colonial Australia centres on the establishment of European outposts at the four cardinal points of the continent. These were the military garrisons and convict outposts at Sydney Harbour, Derwent River, Mereton Bay, King George Sound and at Melville Island and the Cobourg Peninsula. The success, indeed the very existence of these colonial outposts depended on the sea-borne supply and resupply of the necessities of both military and civilian life. His Majesty’s Colonial Brig, Amity, served in the crucial role of supply and support of the men and women – soldiers, convicts and civilians – who were to play pivotal roles in what became the history of early colonial Australia. This is her story.

By John Pearn and Danny Tangney. Published by Amphion Press.

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