The AHS Museum Collection

Information about the Historical Society’s large collection.

The AHS are custodians of a large diverse collection of historic artefacts, books, documents and works of art; all catalogued, restored and put on display by volunteers.

More than half of the five thousand objects and artefacts in the society’s care are exhibited at one of the historic buildings or outdoor sites managed by the AHS; everyday items from pioneering farms, maritime trading enterprises, early homes and work places. As well as being permanently on view the society has adopted a display style which makes these objects more accessible – often they can connect the viewer with their every day use in the past in ways not possible in more traditional museum spaces.

Important to the society’s mission, a generous loans policy has meant significant parts of the AHS collection have been made available to other museums and community groups in Albany for display purposes.

The remainder of the collection formerly on display at the cooperative building in Frederick Street is currently in storage. Work is under way to make this large part of the collection accessible in some way.

Enquiries about the AHS museum collections can be made by email to the collections coordinator.

Mark Saxon –

Our collection can be viewed online via Collections WA here.

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Founded in 1962, Albany Historical Society is a non-profit organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers. We are dedicated to preserving Albany’s unique history and managing two of Albany’s most historic buildings.