Our Venues Closed: COVID-19
March 24, 2020

In light of my most recent government recommendations, we have taken the decision to close our venues until further notice.

It has become inevitable now with the closure of restaurants, pubs and clubs that we will have to take action to close our venues as well during these unprecedented of times. So in accordance with the government recommendations we will close until further notice. Please note this does not apply to the office. We will continue as normal with the support of the admin team.

It has been humbling to see the unbelievably wonderful commitment to the AHS that most of you have shown in your selfless dedication to your respective venues. I am proud to be the CEO of such an amazing group of volunteers and give you my commitment to keep working to insure we are ready and able to return as soon as we are told that it is safe to do so.

Andrew Eyden, CEO

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